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is the place to get unique papercraft models that are hand drawn by a webdeveloper who is playing around with a webshop.

I'm going to be completely honest here. This site is basically a practise playground for me, the webdeveloper who needs to learn to develop within webshops.

And this will show. There is not much of a design, and not a particularly diverse inventory. But everything is real. I make sure that the production version of the site (which you are visiting right now) works, and that you can truly get the products presented here.

And the products are the result of a hobby of mine that I actually practise very little these days: Designing papercraft.
It will also be clear that I am a fan of a certain brand of convertible robots, which leads to papercraft with a lot of moving parts.

So I do invite you to browse around this relatively barren webshop, and, of course, buy. ;)