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Mini RC Trucks

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Mini RC Trucks

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PaperFormed.com has partnered up with Cut & Paste Sci-Fi to bring you their free RC Truck model. The RC trucks three designs plus a blank version) and traffic cones are made out of 28 parts, laid out on 5 pages.



PaperFormed.com has partnered up with Cut & Paste Sci-Fi to be the new source for their models.

Their models remain free, but here and there we have updated the files (e.g. convert into more modern PDF versions). Beyond that we make no changes. As such the style of the instructions for example may differ.

The RC Trucks are made out of 4 parts each, laid out on 1 page. Tripple those amounts to cover all three designs. Add these numbers one more time for the extra blank design you get in JPEG and BMP format, so you can apply your own colors and logo. As a bonus you also get 1 sheet with 12 parts that make up 6 traffic cones for your racing and manouvering enjoyment. The instructions count 5 pages. This papercraft model is rated at an beginner level

These papercraft trucks are meant to fit on the chassis of a mini RC vehicle to make them work. During design they were fitted on a chassis from the brand Shen Qi Wei, but other brands may also fit.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Level Beginner
Pages 5
Parts 28
Moving parts No