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Rail Scout

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Rail Scout

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Exploring the path ahead, this steam locomotive changes into a robot scout. Rail Scout is made out of 180 parts, laid out on 9 pages.

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PaperFormed.com goes back in time. As the first rail roads were being laid, this steam locomotive led the way, changing into a robot scout to explore the grounds ahead.

Rail Scout is made out of 158 parts, laid out on 7 pages. He comes with 2 bonus pages which contain 22 parts to make a short section of rails. The instruction file counts 35 pages. This papercraft model is rated at an advanced level. As such, the instructions assume that the builder has some experience recognizing how parts are meant to be folded and glued in shape, and instead focus on the correct order of putting the parts together, and how the moving parts interlock.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Level Advanced
Pages 9
Parts 180
Moving parts Yes